My favourite tour in Central London (part 2)

The second part of my favourite tour in Central London will take you from Saint Paul’s cathedral to Buckingham Palace. The first part starts in Tower of London and can be found here. E. St Paul’s cathedral After crossing the Millennium Bridge, you will not be able to miss Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Again quite expensive (18£- 16£ online)*, it can be worth visiting for its crypt – … Continue reading My favourite tour in Central London (part 2)

Tower Bridge

My favourite tour in Central London (part 1)

In March, I went one more time to London and decided that I should write about the ‘tour’ I did once again. To be honest, if you do everything mentioned below you will need much more than one day. I personally tend to vary a bit every time. So just pick up your favourite place and enjoy! A. Tower of London You really need to … Continue reading My favourite tour in Central London (part 1)

Freeride in France

Where to ski and ride in France?

I’ve hesitated a lot about writing about my snowboarding trips. I ride, I sleep, I eat. I don’t take time to visit anything, to walk (walk really?!) or to do any other things. I’ve started my skiing years in Switzerland with my primary school. My school sent us 3 weeks (yep 3!) at the age of 10-11 far away from our parents (yay!). We were … Continue reading Where to ski and ride in France?

Hungry in Brussels? [N°2]

A bit more than one year after my first article about food in Brussels, I’ve eaten so much delicious food in so many new restaurants (or at least new to me!) that a second article seemed more than necessary! World food Many of my discoveries are restaurants offering food from around the world, from Italy to Liban and Japan: Start with a traditional Italian apero at La Piola Libri (every day … Continue reading Hungry in Brussels? [N°2]

Texel - Paal 19

Texel: an island worth a trip!

Texel? My friends and family wondered why I was going to visit a tiny island in the North of the Netherlands. Mountain biking between sheep, drinking Texel biers in beach bars at sunset, admiring cute seals and stunning landscapes … here are the reasons why you should discover Texel too. Day 1: A day biking in Texel In order to blend in the Dutch crowd as … Continue reading Texel: an island worth a trip!

Cologne - Cathedral and Hohenzollern Bridge

Easter in Cologne

Only 2 hours from Brussels, Cologne seemed like an ideal destination for an improvised Easter week-end for two. Panoramic views, modern art, Croatian food and a fun fair were some of the highlights of our trip! Sightseeing in Cologne Of course, we roamed Cologne’s charming old town (the impressive Cologne City Hall, Groß Sankt Martin and its small gardens, Alter Markt and its colourful façades…) … Continue reading Easter in Cologne