DIY World Map table

What can you do as an amateur travel blogger when your tiny rainy country (aka Belgium) has put a ban on non-essential travels? After several months staring at travel pictures and lonely travel guides, and although being useless with my hands, I decided to pimp an old table with some travelling flavours. Step 1: Sand the table. Before you go all creative, prepare the table … Continue reading DIY World Map table

Bye bye roaming fees!

One month ago, roaming charges disappeared in the EU! No more extra fees for SMS, calls and data! Yay! Being involved personnally in the topic through work, I wanted to summarise what it exactly means in practice. What does it cover exactly? Let’s take a young professional called Emilie, living in Belgium (just a random example!). She’s going to Rome for a few days. when … Continue reading Bye bye roaming fees!