My airport

Tuesday night, I booked a flight to go to Rome from Brussels airport. Yesterday morning, I woke up. My radio went on… Attacks… Bombs… Zaventem. No, not the airport. I bursted into tears. The airport is the symbol of my inability to stay still but moreover my relentless desire to explore the world, to visit new countries, to discover other cultures and ways of living. … Continue reading My airport

Hungry in Brussels? [N°2]

A bit more than one year after my first article about food in Brussels, I’ve eaten so much delicious food in so many new restaurants (or at least new to me!) that a second article seemed more than necessary! World food Many of my discoveries are restaurants offering food from around the world, from Italy to Liban and Japan: Start with a traditional Italian apero at La Piola Libri (every day … Continue reading Hungry in Brussels? [N°2]

Hungry in Brussels?

Whether you feel like eating a traditional moules-frites, Asian food, a waffle or in an all-you-can-eat restaurant, here is my list of places that will delight you taste buds in my hometown Brussels. Snacks You’ve been walking for a while and need a coffee & WiFi? Sit in the comfy armchairs of the Jat’ café, between Porte de Namur and Place Royale, with a nice latte or a … Continue reading Hungry in Brussels?

Brussels – insider tips: Bars

In the capital of Europe for a few days? Here is my selection of expat and local bars where you wil  be able to cheer and move your body every day. Monday  – TD Monday night is the night when only the students can afford not to sleep. Head to the student area called Cimetière d’Ixelles. Yes Cimetière means cemetery but don’t worry, the area … Continue reading Brussels – insider tips: Bars