Useful links

Where to start looking when you have no idea where to go? What website offers to best search options?

Here are some useful websites that should be useful when planning your next getaway!


Not a clue where to go next on holiday? Take a look at Skyscanner, set your departure point, your preferred dates for travelling, press search and pick a destination!

Ryanair has developed a similar option on its Fare Finder page: no need to select a destination, you can just play with the departure and return dates as well as the price range and the list of options will adapt itself automatically.

For deal alerts (error fares, last minutes, very cheap flights), you should visit Fly4free. If you’re not a lucky nomad like me, my personal advice would be to sign up for email alerts specifying the location/airport you are mainly interested in. This will avoid you receiving daily emails that are not relevant for you!



Bored of looking for hours to hotels on Booking? Let Hotwire surprise you! Select a location, a number of stars and book: the name of your hotel will be sent to your email address straight away.


On a more budget holiday? Hostelworld has got everything you need from dorms in the centre of Rome to small hotels at the top of the Jordanian village of Dana.



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