Roadtrip in France

Like many of you, the COVID19 crisis forced me to adapt my travel plans for the year. Long (very long) story short: I opted for a safe roadtrip in a neighbouring country I know very well, France! La Rochelle Let’s start the summer holidays in La Rochelle – 3h by train and between 4 and 5h by car from Paris, but also a Ryanair airport … Continue reading Roadtrip in France

Freeride in France

Where to ski and ride in France?

I’ve hesitated a lot about writing about my snowboarding trips. I ride, I sleep, I eat. I don’t take time to visit anything, to walk (walk really?!) or to do any other things. I’ve started my skiing years in Switzerland with my primary school. My school sent us 3 weeks (yep 3!) at the age of 10-11 far away from our parents (yay!). We were … Continue reading Where to ski and ride in France?