Today I wanted to write a short blog post about an original and fun activity I did a few weeks ago: I played golf between cows!

Farmersgolf originates from the Netherlands. If you trust Wikipedia, Dutch people have 70 places to play farmersgolf locations in their country and there would be over 110 places in Europe where ot play.

Personally, I was stuck near the Belgian-Dutch-German border for a wedding and decided to try out the Greenvalley with some adventurous ex-colleagues. The nice owners gave us 2 balls and 2 golf clubs ending … with clogs! We split in 2 teams and the war began!

There are 10 different holes spread on several fields and separated from each other by about 200meters. Everyone hits the ball in turn. No… you don’t get additional points if you touch a cow!

Halfway through, the owner arrived with his SUV to serve three shots of peket, a tasty local liquor (and if you’re thirsty and there are still some in the fridge, you can also some order some him some beers for only 1€).


It took us around 2hours and a half and only cost 7€ per person! Try it! It was great fun!


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