Hungry in Brussels? [N°2]

A bit more than one year after my first article about food in Brussels, I’ve eaten so much delicious food in so many new restaurants (or at least new to me!) that a second article seemed more than necessary!

World food

Many of my discoveries are restaurants offering food from around the world, from Italy to Liban and Japan:

  • Start with a traditional Italian apero at La Piola Libri (every day from 6pm onwards) or at La Piola (just off the very trendy Place du Châtelain). Just buy a spritz or a glass of wine and help yourself to a variety of tasty Italian snacks (pasta, cheese…). Their potatoes roasted in the oven are my guilty secret!
  • For a taste of England, head to Bia Mara that serves several types of fresh fish & seaweed salted chips for around 11€ just 2 minutes away from the stock exchange (La Bourse). Of course, you’ll get your minty mushy peas if you want some! And unlike you may think, my dear wine taster confirms that the wine is also very nice! (but no they don’t have any mojito for me 😦 )


  • Tempted by some Japanese food? Sushis, gyozas and tempuras from Anata, right on the pedestrian zone in the centre of Brussels, are succulent! And if you are very very hungry, try the all-you-can-eat (and drink) menu (24.90 or 26.90€) from the Ninja House close to Sainte-Catherine
  • Would you like to taste some Syrian-Lebanese specialties? L’Oriento (next to Place Jourdan) will truly tempt your taste buds. You can choose between cold tapas (lebanese salad, grilled aubergine, homemade yoghurt…) and warm ones (marinated chicken, oven grilled feta, brick pastry sheets…) but also grilled meat. I advise you to choose one of the formulas: duo (50€) or solo (30€) and I absolutely recommend.. no actually… I oblige you to order the best mojito in town!


As in all other cities of the world (just a small exaggeration!), burger places are everywhere in Brussels (Ellis Gourmet burger, Burger Republic, Les Super Filles du Tram, Manhattn’s) but let me introduce you to my new favourite one: Hemgie’s.

Burgers are truly amazing, mostly because of the quality of the meat! I usually go for a Mona Lisa (with mozzarella di buffala and semi-dried tomato) or a Big Ben (with Stilton blue cheese, pear and nuts). Sauce lovers should taste the Dallas sauce, invented after appearing in a Belgian movie. Oh and one last piece of advice for the adventurous among you: try the Fireman if you dare!


In the middle of clothes and tables

You’ve been striding along the Rue Haute and need a warm drink and a muffin? Discover l’Atelier en ville, a charming place where you can eat, buy clothes, redesign the inside of your home and … order a new table from Bulk!

Belgian food

In my first article, I mentioned the trendy Emile Bistro, in the Flagey area. Well, he actually has a wife that cooks very well too: Charlotte. Not far from my workplace (but I must admit far from anything else in Brussels), I particularly enjoy the exquisite lunches (pork cheeks, penne with tuna, fish, lamb chops…) at a very reasonable price (around 9-10€).

There are obviously many more nice restaurants (I will probably need to write another article soon!). I repeat the offer from my first article: don’t hesitate to contact me to ask for advice if you visit Brussels!


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