DIY World Map table

What can you do as an amateur travel blogger when your tiny rainy country (aka Belgium) has put a ban on non-essential travels?
After several months staring at travel pictures and lonely travel guides, and although being useless with my hands, I decided to pimp an old table with some travelling flavours.

Step 1: Sand the table.

Before you go all creative, prepare the table by removing all ugly stains with sanding paper, and don’t forget the feet!

Step 2: Design a map (or cheat a bit).

Ok time to admit it … I went the easy way and used a corkboard map I had received from friends as patterns.

But of course feel free to make your own if you’re a DIY pro! I only made a few simple ones myself (well, thanks to the graphic designer boyfriend!) because I wanted to see more islands there (Caribbean for-e-ver) and I felt it was a bit empty on the sides so we went for a wind rose and… a plane of course!

Step 3: Place the patterns and spray the table.

After you’ve spent a few minutes trying to figure out where Groenland exactly is and how far away Australia and New Zealand are, take your spray paint out and enjoy! (Don’t forget to protect your floor, it’s going to get all black!)
For the feet, you can use regular black paint.

Layer 1
Layer 2

You will need 2-3 layers to get a nice spotless black.

Step 4: Take off the pattern

The moment you’ve been waiting for since the beginning: to be honest, I was quite scared and it’s not all perfect, especially where the patterns were very thin but I’m soooo happy with the result!

I’d recommend you add a layer of varnish for wood to protect your piece of artwork from future stains and damage!

Show me the pics of your homemade tables!

+ you can still use the corkboard map (now all black) to pin your pics on your wall! Maps all around your home!


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