Road trip in Northern Sardinia

Sardinia is a true hidden gem of Europe.  It’s much more than just another succession of picturesque Italian villages. Turquoise water and beautiful sandy but also stone beaches … Jump in for an astonishing road trip in Northern Sardinia!

We arrived in Olbia by ferry from Civitavecchia (and first by train from Rome). The best option is to look for the cheapest ferries for Sardinia on comparator websites (such as TraghettiPer). We took a night ferry to be able to sleep on the way there and a day ferry to enjoy the pool and the view when coming back.

First stop: Caprera

Head to Palau (you can stop in Porto Cervo if you wish to pay more than 10€ for an ice-cream) to take another ferry (put only for a few minutes) and cross the 600-meters-long bridge to reach the tiny island of Caprera. Just enjoy the quietness of its stunning beaches …


Second stop: Capo Testa

Capo Testa is a surreal place made of giant rock formations shaped by the strong winds between Corsica and Sardinia. Just breathe…

Capo Testa

Hungry? The S’Andira restaurant and his welcoming owner will delight your taste buds.

Third stop: Costa Paradiso

I hesitated before sharing with you the location of this EMPTY beach I found back in May 2013…  Drive straight down between the privatised holiday villas of Costa Paradiso until you reach a small car park. Walk left along the cliffs and just look at the dramatic scenery until you find this…

Costa Paradiso

Fourth stop: La Pelosa


Did I accidentally mix up my pictures from the Maldives and Sardinia?! Nope you are not dreaming: this amazing beach with crystalline water is called La Pelosa. While thinking you are in heaven, you can also enjoy the view on Torre Falcone, an old Spanish watchtower and Piana and Asinara, two rather empty islands.

Last stop: Alghero & Capo Caccia

These spectacular cliffs of Capo Caccia Close are located very close to the charming city of Alghero. Walk 654 steps down to the Grotta di Nettuno and just admire the view…

Capo Caccia

Tip: Fancy a swim? Follow the signs to Porto Conte at the bottom of the road.

PS: Sorry guys, we slept in campings during the whole trip but this was many years ago and I didn’t think that I would start blogging one day… So I didn’t keep the addresses!


12 thoughts on “Road trip in Northern Sardinia

  1. I’ve actually been to Sardinia and I totally agree. It is such a hidden gem! Have you been to Baja Sardinia? It’s so beautiful there, it’s a wonder not many tourists know about it. I heard that Sardinia was actually where berlusconi used to take heads of states to butter them up! I’m not surprised by this at all! So beautiful…


    1. Yes maybe I should remove the article so that we keep the secret to ourselves 🙂 I didn’t go to Baja Sardinia if I recall correctly! But I see it iss actually not very far from one of Berlusconi’s place where he was having .. let’s say some entertaining parties! The place is Porto Cervo, full of fancy yachts and expensive shops. Less beautiful…


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I have been going to Sardinia for many years and it feels like a second home travel wise. The people are so friendly, the beaches are so beautiful and you can’t help but relax there. Thanks for sharing. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Sam 🙂


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