Laguna Honda

From San Pedro to Uyuni: Day 2

The night at the Lugana Colorada was cold but nevertheless quite needed. And we all felt much better the next morning. No aweful headache!

We left around 7.30am for another day in the middle of nowhere! We went on to the peaceful desertic and peaceful landscapes of the Desierto Siloli.

Desierto Siloli

A paragraph on our lovely guide Pedro: we had read so many horrible things about guides that were weird, drunk or sulking. His younger brother, who was driving around a group of Brazilian, Italian and… Chilian young travelers, was always following our jeep (It felt really reassuring in case anything would happen). Of course, they only spoke Spanish but we managed to understand their explanations with sometimes a little help from bilingual fellow travelers. Every day he offered us sweets, he asked us if we wanted to plug our phone to listen to our own music (really needed – our ears did not really like his latino electro albums sounding like old pc games with MIDI files), he had plenty of anecdotes, he was looking for animals  (a vizcacha below) on the way and the food he prepared us was lovely! 10/10!



Back to some other beautiful lagunas, we were starting to miss them! The Laguna Honda is the first one on the la Ruta de las Joyas followed by the Laguna Hedionda where we ate our dinner while improving our knowledge of fiamingos and Laguna Cañapa.

Laguna Cañapa

Next stops were to enjoy the views on the Volcán Tomasamil and Volcán Ollague and in the Salar de chiguana where we met 3 dogs waiting under the railway for the jeeps to pass by and give them a bit of the rest of our sandwiches and drinks.

Salar de chiguana

The night was spent in a salt hotel, Hotel Tambo Loma, where we had separate bedrooms (hooray), warm water (double hooray) and … mobile signal. After being able to reassure our friends and families who were starting to get worried, time to go to bed before THE big day where we finally get to see the Uyuni salt flats…


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