An afternoon at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Lakes, rain forest, orchid gardens, walk of giants… The Singapore Botanical gardens are truly a perfect place to escape from the busy town.

I arrived from Bugis MRT to Botanic Gardens MRT station in only about 15 minutes. The weather was not great on that day but when discovering the map, I was thrilled! So many different places to discover! Most of the park has been ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

I started with the Foliage garden: leaves madness!

The park is free but there’s a small fee (5 SGD – October 2017) to enter the National Orchids Garden. It’s the ain attraction of the garden: more than 1 000 species and 2 000 hybrids of orchids!


Not far behind the Orchid Garden you can find a nice boardwalk on top of wetlands.

I explored the gardens further passing through the Sundial garden and the Bonsai  (and met a few newly-married couples taking pictures) but I was running out of time.

And I still wanted to walk into the rain forest. It clearly deserved its name! Was quite soaked when coming out and didn’t want to risk drawning my camera. So no other pics than this one sorry 😦

On my way back to the MRT station, I noticed many people doing exercise with physica trainers shouting at them! Not that quiet anymore!

Want to know more? Visit the official website of the Gardens!


4 thoughts on “An afternoon at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

  1. so pretty. loved the photos, especially since it’s almost winter and dreary and brown here.


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