One night in Rome

Cheap and spectacular: my favourite sightseeing & eating night walk in Rome. It will take you in the charming narrow streets of Trastevere and through the historical centre of the Italian capital.

A. Trastevere

To reach the area of Trastevere (literally on the other side of the Tiber), you will need to take the bus H (from Termini, Via Nazionale or Piazza Venezia) and get off at ‘Sonnino- San Gallicano’ or the tram 8 (from Piazza Venezia or Largo di Torre Argentina) and get off at ‘Belli’. Both stops are right after the bridge.

B. Drink & Free buffet

Have you heard about the Italian aperitivo? Between 7.00 and 10.00PM, you buy a drink and you can help yourselves to a large amount of appetising dishes (pasta, taboule, rice). One of the best places in Rome to taste it is Freni e Frizioni on a small square in Trastevere (via del Politeama, 4). Just sit anywhere, it’s the custom here!

C. Santa Maria in Trastevere

Finished? Make a digestive walk in the small streets of Trastevere and don’t forget to take a look the beautiful church of Santa Maria in Trastevere at the heart of this lively area.
The terrace of the Caffè delle Arance may seem very attractive. However, you may faint when looking at the prices!

D. Chocolate shots

On your way to the centre, make a short stop in a quirky but unmissable bar: Vendita Libri, Cioccolata e Vino (Vicolo de’ Cinque 11a). Make your choice between several shots with suggestive names. The special thing about them? You have to swallow the shot glasses too! But don’t worry, they are made out of chocolate…  You’ll never forget your first time!


E. Piazza Trilussa & Ponte Sisto

Go down Vicolo de’ Cinque towards the Tiber and you will reach Piazza Trilussa. This square used to be full of young people having a drink but it has changed since a law was passed to forbid people from drinking in the streets. Enjoy the view of San Peter’s baslica from Ponte Sisto. If you are travelling in summer, don’t hesitate to go down and walk around: you can buy jewellery, eat a pancake, dance tango or even watch a movie on the Isola Tiberina.


F. Campo dei Fiori

Go straight on in the street in font of the bridge and turn left onto Via dei Giubbonari towards the busy and popular Campo dei Fiori. I personally do not find it very interesting at night (the market during the day is nice though!) as it is only filled by expats and young tourists mainly drinking on the steps of the statue.

G. Piazza Navona

Go right at the end of the street in Via dei Baullari, cross the busy Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to reach the spectacular Piazza Navona. Sit on a stone bench to admire the fountains or take a look at the painters selling their artwork. This is the dolce vita.

Piazza Navona

H. Pantheon

It’s  time to go, there is more Rome to see! Take the Corsia Agonale, try to avoid the fortune tellers (I can already tell you that your immediate future is going to be tasty and brilliant) and walk along the Palazzo Madama. Five minutes later, admire another of Rome’s wonders: the Pantheon. Sit on the steps of the fountain and appreciate the view…


I. Giolitti

Ice cream break! Order the size of the cone you would like to the cashier and then try not to take too long to choose among all the tasty flavours on offer. My favourites? Bacio, frutti di bosco e limoncello!
Tip: say a big and enthusiastic YES when asked if you would like some panna. This whipped cream is light and delicious!

J. Fontana di Trevi

You should arrive just in time to finish your ice cream in front of the astonishing Trevi Fountain. You’ve already seen it during the day? Night time is much better as there are much less tourists and you can actually sit down peacefully and admire the beauty of the fountain. I’ve been there more than 20 times maybe but every time I go back, I have goose bumps…


For sure you will make lovely dreams after this… Sleep tight!


2 thoughts on “One night in Rome

  1. I absolutely love Rome! I’ll have to remember your tips for the next time I visit!


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