Ibiza – Playa d’en Bossa

Two single girls met in a bar one day and decided in a slightly euphoric mood to book a trip to Ibiza in August. Two months later, they end up in THE partying resort of the island: Playa d’en Bossa.

Here is a non-exhaustive (financial and physical reasons prevented us from testing everything!) list of tips from five crazy days and nights.

Beach time in Ibiza
First afternoon, we head to the closest beach at 500m of the hotel. Nothing special, not really clean but he water was fine. We didn’t even have the time to sit down that the first promo girl of a long series starts selling us her Boat Party! Sounds fun, 50% girls/50% guys, lots of booze (“do you like to drink girls?”) but we finally did not choose to go as the price were quite high (between 65 and 80€) and absolutely non negociable even with the Italian promo guys! Interested? Check out Cirque de La Nuit, Beautiful People, Pukka Up.

Back to the beach business, frankly to find nice beaches closeby you will have two choices: take a ferry to meet Italians in Formentera or head down to find your future husband in the fancy beach of Las Salinas (where all the football guys and the plush yachts go).


Party time in Ibiza
It’s only the afternoon but you already feel like dancing and drinking (and showing off)? The place to be in Playa d’en Bossa is the Bora Bora pool party.

The beginnng of the night starts at the club of the Ushuaia Hotel with Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta and other famous djs and singers performing every week. The best night of our trip was without doubt Avicii’s set (55-65€) including an amazing flyboard show in the pool of the club (where nobody actually ever swims!). Come early if you want a place in the front!


Where to go next?
Having already been to the Pacha in London and having already seen most of the djs playing there, we decided to spend our money at the Privilege the night Akon was singing. Not a great performance for 40€ (15 minutes, 5 minutes of sound issues). However, Privilege knows how to keep you entertained: women dancing in a giant  glass, another pooring champagne on her nearly naked body, amazing transvestites dancing,  a sexy couple performing aerial ropes etc.

Small tip: even if you don’t want to sit in the queue for a taxi for hours, don’t go back with a local. We made the mistake and found ourselves praying to get back to the hotel safely as our ‘taxidriver’ was driving like crazy with no suspension left!

Into drugs? Space and Amnesia are the right places for you! Space is ideally situated right at the end of Playa d’en Bossa un front of the Ushuaia.
Amnesia is further away. You need to take a cab or use the party bus to go there. However, when we tried to go, it was full and they did not let us in although some of us had already bought tickets. However, I can tell you that in 5 minutes, two people were taken away in wheelchairs obviously having bad trip.

Sleeping time in Ibiza
If you live in Dubai or if you are planning on selling one of your kidneys, there’s only one place you should consider spending your nights in the Ushuaia hotel and your days (or what is left from them) chilling out in its lovely salty swimming pool with a nice glass of sangria listening to the set of the hotel’s deejay.


In the same range of prices but without a club, the apartments and the swimming pool of the Ibiza Royal Beach seemed really relaxing and peaceful.

If your budget is not that expendable and you don’t mind being surrounded by young drunk English/Italian guys wearing speedos and fluorescent Ibiza 69 t-shirts, there are a lot of big hotels on the main street Avenida Pere Matutes Noguera (Mare Nostrum, Algarb) that should fit the bill. Furthermore, all-inclusive deals are not that bad in these hotels.

If you are not in a party mood, take a look at apartments or airbnbs in the old town of Ibiza which is gorgeous!

Ibiza town.

In search for a quieter night, take a small ferry to Figueretas or to Ibiza town.
Figueretes has got a small hippy market (like every else on the island!) and a few nice restaurants and bars on the sea front.

Ibiza Town (and especially the historical part) was a very pleasant surprise: nice narrow streets like in an old Italian village full of smartly dressed people (believe us we were shocked after spending a few nights in Playa d’en Bossa!) drinking a cocktail peacefully. On the port, you can have a look at the big yachts whilst being entertained by the parades of the major clubs promoting their parties (we even spotted Bob Sinclar promoting his own party dressed like the other dancers!).

During the day, you can also go shopping. You will find all the big brands (Stradivarius, Urban Outfitters, Tezenis, Pull & Bear, Blanco…) and of course the club shops if you want a cherry top at 45€ or a Ushuaia dress at 375€.



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