1 day & 1 night in Malaga

Hunting down the sun for 3 days in Andalusia, my first stop was in Malaga (thanks Ryanair!) I arrived on a late Thursday afternoon with the fast train from the airport. I got off in Málaga Centro Alameda (2€70). The good thing about Spain is that the shops are open late. Finally got a bit of time to go to the sales! I really like the atmosphere … Continue reading 1 day & 1 night in Malaga

4 days in Lanzarote

Where is the sun hiding in December in Europe? I opened Google Maps. South of Italy? Greece? Southern Spain? My eyes stopped on 4 small Spanish islands next to Morocco! There, I’m sure the sun is hiding there! After browsing through a few blog posts and airlines websites, I decided to go to Lanzarote for 4 days: the landscapes just looked spectacular! I prepared a nice … Continue reading 4 days in Lanzarote

Eating and drinking mojitos in Barcelona

I escaped from Brussels for 4 days of well-deserved holidays in Barcelona last July. I had been to Barcelona many years before and this time was much more about relaxing and drinking mojitos than visiting (anyway it was way to warm!). Equipped with my favourite guide and my never-failing (mh!) instinct, here are my recommendations to make your taste buds happy! Eating in Barcelona Our best … Continue reading Eating and drinking mojitos in Barcelona