4 days in Madeira

In Northern Europe, when you say you’re going to Madeira and you’re young, people spontaneously tell you: “Why are you going there? It’s just full of old (German) people!” Well people can continue thinking this as much as they want, good for them, it will mean less people in this gorgeous island with breathtaking landscapes, turquoise waters, great walks in the middle of nowhere and … Continue reading 4 days in Madeira

Coimbra, Porto & Lisbon

Visiting Coimbra, Porto and Lisbon in 3 days seems a bit too optimistic? Challenge accepted! Landed at 9.00 AM Friday morning in Porto and off we go! First important tip: take the Via Verde electronic device. The toll system is a real mess in Portugal! Some motorways only have beeping radars and not real stop.  Several times the device beeped without us having even noticed … Continue reading Coimbra, Porto & Lisbon