Iguazu Falls: Brazil

The Iguazu falls are accessible from both Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu) and Argentina (Porto Iguazú). After checking a few guides, it seemed clear that visiting both sides was necessary. And I did not regret it! The Iguazu falls are just completely breathtaking. Here are my advice! I would recommend you to first start in Brazil and then Argentina (longer, and probably more spectacular). Foz do … Continue reading Iguazu Falls: Brazil

Laguna Honda

From San Pedro to Uyuni: Day 2

The night at the Lugana Colorada was cold but nevertheless quite needed. And we all felt much better the next morning. No aweful headache! We left around 7.30am for another day in the middle of nowhere! We went on to the peaceful desertic and peaceful landscapes of the Desierto Siloli. A paragraph on our lovely guide Pedro: we had read so many horrible things about … Continue reading From San Pedro to Uyuni: Day 2

Laguna Colorada

From San Pedro to Uyuni: Day 1

When I was organising our trip to Chile, I discovered that many incredible excursions in jeeps were organised between San Pedro de Atacama and Uyuni in Bolivia. I started to look for reliable companies and read many horrendous stories about tourists throwing up at every stop, guides that did not have enough food, noisy and freezing dorms, jeeps breaking down in the middle of the … Continue reading From San Pedro to Uyuni: Day 1

Santiago & San Pedro de Atacama

Chile is maybe not the first country you think about going to when travelling to South America… but it should be! Pablo Neruda’s country is full of amazing landscapes and peaceful places where you will forget about your daily grey buildings in no time. Let’s start with Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama. 2 days in Santiago We flew from Brussels to Santiago via Madrid. Tickets … Continue reading Santiago & San Pedro de Atacama